Pain in the Affected Area

Besides shape disproportions (a narrow waist and larger hips and thighs), painful sensations in the affected area are typical symptoms of lipoedema. The reason why lipoedema causes pain is not entirely understood.

Pain in the Affected Area

Experts explain that inflammation and a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) are the most likely reasons for your pain. Both are due to the buildup of fatty tissue in your legs or arms. Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can affect your lipoedema symptoms and this can impact on the perception of pain. Pain can lead to chronic distress. Chronic stress may also cause inflammation, and in the end, a vicious cycle develops.


The buildup of fatty tissue leads to the release of specific hormones, called adipokines. This causes inflammation and lack of oxygen. Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression affect the sensation of pain and can cause inflammation as well.

Therefore, psychological support has become an important element in the treatment of lipoedema – it can help you cope with this long-term condition and improve your symptoms, including pain.

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