Skin Care for Lipoedema

Skin care for lipoedema helps to maintain your skin health during compression therapy and protect it from infections. 

Skin Care for Lipoedema

Skin folds are very common with lipoedema. It’s important to examine your skin folds carefully as these may develop friction or moisture-related damage, which may lead to bacterial or fungal infections. Compression garments can stress your skin: it gets dry and prone to small skin injuries, such as scratches. This increases the risk of bacteria entering your skin which may cause infections.

Good skin care for lipoedema includes:

  • Washing your skin daily with mild soaps or skin cleansers that are moisturising, hypo-allergenic, and have a neutral to slightly acid pH balance (around pH 5)
  • Dry your skin carefully, especially any skin folds
  • Apply emollients: they coat your skin with an oily layer that protects against water loss
  • Avoid scented products that often irritate the skin
  • Immediately disinfect and treat any cuts, scratches, or insect bites
  • Avoid unnecessary injuries to your affected area, such as taking blood samples or injections
  • Pay attention to your nail care to prevent ingrowing nails or dry skin around the nail bed

If you have lipoedema and / or lymphoedema, it’s extremely important to care for your skin and help protect against the risk of cellulitis.

Your individual skin type will determine which skin care routine and product are best for you. Talking to your healthcare professional (HCP) can help you to find the right product. In general, products that both moisturise your skin and maintain the protective layer of your skin are preferred.

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