Self-management for Lipoedema

Self-management means that you take a leading role in your lipoedema treatment. Self-management ensures your therapy's success in the long-term and improves your quality of life.

Self-management for Lipoedema

After getting the diagnosis of lipoedema, you are probably overwhelmed by the fact that lipoedema has no known cure and by its perceived time-consuming therapy. It can feel like your lipoedema and its treatment determines your whole life. Lipoedema treatment often takes time until you first notice results. It can be hard to stay motivated and continue with your therapy but don't give up.

Self-management has become an important part of lipoedema treatment. To achieve positive changes in your condition, you must take a leading role and full responsibility of your treatment. Realistic and achievable expectations and goal setting is important to prevent disappointment and to help you appreciate your success. In the end you will clearly see the benefits:

  • Self-management can improve your general health and quality of life
  • It can improve your self-esteem and reduces your lipoedema symptoms
  • It ensures the success of your therapy in the long-term

Self-management requires a deep understanding of your condition, especially of how pain develops. When you understand lipoedema and understand the treatment principles, you will find it easier to cope with your condition and to discuss with your healthcare professional (HCP).

Here are few examples of how you can contribute to managing your lipoedema:

  • Regular exercise improves your lipoedema symptoms and overall well-being and contributes to successful weight management
  • Eating healthy also supports successful weight management
  • Understanding how compression therapy works and how to apply it on your own
  • A good skin routine helps your skin to recover from compression therapy and can prevent skin irritations
  • Joining a self-help group to stay motivated and connect with others 

Self-management allows you to take a leading role in the treatment of your condition. It helps to maintain therapy success and to improve your overall well-being.

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