Night-time Garments

Wearing day-time compression garments helps to manage your lymphoedema and to feel comfortable during the day. But is there something to maintain these day-time gains while sleeping? Night-time compression garments can support your lymphoedema treatment overnight.

Night time garments

Treating your lymphoedema is a life-long task. It is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. An essential part of the treatment is wearing compression garments during the day to maintain your swelling at a constant level. However, your swelling can return overnight. JOBST offers a 24h solution. Unfortunately, day-time garments can be uncomfortable, constricting, or too warm to wear while sleeping. In order to circumvent these discomforts, night-time compression garments have been developed specifically to answer night-time needs and maintain your day-time therapy success.

What are the benefits of night-time compression?

Night-time compression garments are designed to:

  • Maintain what you achieved during the day; 
  • Improve your sleeping comfort;
  • Soften hardened (fibrotic) tissue; 
  • Increase the uptake of lymph fluid; 
  • Stimulate lymphatic flow.

How do night-time garments differ from day-time garments?

Night-time garments are usually made of light and breathable fabric. This is important to avoid sweating. They should be flexible but supportive enough to allow for movement without causing creases as this can cause skin constrictions. Moreover, they are mostly easy and fast to put on and take off when compared to compression bandages.

JOBST Relax has been designed specifically for night-time compression. It is made of breathable yarn, a special flat-knit design, and a textured surface intended to massage the skin. 

JOBST JoViPak is another night-time compression garment that provides compression for various body areas, including head and neck or genital area, amongst others. For more information about different locations where lymphoedema can occur, click here.

Tips for your night-time routine

Besides wearing night-time garments, there are a few other things that you could add to your night-time routine. 



Daily skin care helps your skin to recover from wearing garments throughout the day. Proper hydration prevents your skin from cracks or scratches and as a consequence also prevents infections

JOBST offers several skin care products to support your daily skin care. You can learn more about skin care as part of Complex Decongestion Therapy (CDT).

Self-Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic flow and support lymphatic drainage. Together with deep breathing techniques, these are easy ways to support your lymphedema treatment while relaxing in the evening. Ask your healthcare professional (HCP) to show you how to apply SLD. 

Find out more about how JOBST products support your lymphedema treatment while sleeping here.

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