Made-To-Measure or Ready-To-Wear

With lymphoedema or lipoedema, you may have difficulties finding off-the-shelf clothes since they are available in standard sizes only. The same can happen with your compression garments.

Ready to wear

What you should know about Ready-To-Wear garments

  • They are produced to fit a standard range of sizes, such as S/M/L with clothes.
  • They are available as circular-knit or flat-knit or garments.
  • They are available in different compression classes

What you should know about Made-To-Measure garments

The fitting procedure

It takes several measurements to provide a compression garment with a perfect fit. Here is what you can expect from your fitting procedure:

  • Your clinician will take all measurements on your skin. This means you have to get undressed for the fitting.
  • Measurements are taken at different locations of your body, such as:
    • Total foot length,
    • Heel to ball length,
    • Length of your calves and thighs.
  • Your clinician will measure the circumference of your limb in different locations. For tights, this can take more than 10 measures per limb. 

  • It is important that your limb is decongested before the measurements are taken. 
  • It is important to repeat the measures at different times of the day. Your limb may be slimmer in the morning, whereas swelling often progresses during the day. 
  • Your clinician will also look for prominent bones or wounds that may require padding and a proper wound dressing, respectively. 

Now you know what it takes to get compression garments with the right fit. Besides the perfect size and shape, the style and colour options may be just as important for you. Have a look at how to express your style with colorful compression garments here

Did you know that JOBST offers a wide range of compression products in different sizes, styles and fabrics, and for different conditions? Learn more about how JOBST compression products here.

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