Flat-Knit or Circular-Knit

Flat-knit and circular-knit are two different ways to manufacture compression garments. They significantly differ in their material properties. Flat-knit garments have a stronger ability to bridge skin folds and are stiffer than circulr-knit garments. This makes them more effective for the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema.

Flat knit circular knit

What you should know about flat-knit garments

  • Flat-knit garments are made from an open piece of fabric.
  • They are made on flat knit machines.
  • The material is usually stiffer.
  • Made for individual shapes and sizes.
  • Less likely to dig into your skin, depending on the softness of the material.
  • Available in different compression classes 
  • Mainly for Made-To-Measure garments.

What you should know about circular-knit garments

  • Circular-knit garments are made from a single tube.
  • They are made on a circular knit machine and are seamless.
  • The material is usually less stiff, appears smoother, and can be more comfortable. 
  • The material is more prone to settle into skin folds, eventually causing skin lesions.
  • Available for compression classes 1 -3. 
  • Available for both Made-To-Measure and Ready-To-Wear garments.

Flat-knit or Circular-knit – What’s best for me?

For the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema, flat-knit garments are recommended. The material can adapt to different sizes and shapes. It is less likely to settle into skin folds while delivering the correct pressure. 

The flat-knit technology can be used for Ready-To-Wear or Made-To-Measure garments. Made-To-Measure should be preferred as they provide the best possible fit. This is important for your wearing comfort and, consequently, for your treatment result, especially when it comes to higher compression classes or specific body shapes. 

Due to their knitting technique, circular-knit garments are not designed for shape distortions. However, the right type of compression for you will always be recommended by your healthcare professional (HCP). 

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