Compression Wraps

Compression wraps are an alternative to compression bandages and compression stockings. They are designed for easy use and enable you to independently self-apply and adjust the compression level to your needs.

Compression wraps

Compression wraps can be used for all lymphoedema stages – they are suitable during the decongestion phase (Phase I) and the maintenance phase (Phase II).


Whereas multilayer bandaging requires 4-5 different bandaging layers, compression wraps consist of one garment with several straps and a liner to be worn underneath. This product design supports easier self-application but also delivers therapeutic compression levels. You can adjust compression wraps according to your needs. Moreover, they are less bulky than multilayer bandages and allow you to wear your regular clothes or shoes. 

Compression wraps are based on short-stretch technology: the wraps provide a high pressure when you are active (also called “working pressure”) and a lower pressure when you relax (also called “resting pressure”). Therefore, compression garments such as JOBST FarrowWrap adapt to your activity level and provide the compression you need.

JOBST FarrowWrap has the following benefits:

  • Designed for easy application and removal;
  • Adapts to different therapeutic compression levels;
  • Suitable for all lymphoedema stages;
  • Less bulky than bandages.

Find out more about the different styles and fabrics JOBST FarrowWrap here.

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