Compression therapy is one of the cornerstones of lymphoedema and lipoedema therapy. Different types of compression garments help to reduce symptoms such as swelling (lymphedema) or pain (lipoedema) and support your needs in many different ways.


Compression bandages or wraps are used in the early stages of lymphoedema treatment to reduce swelling. Once your swelling has declined sufficiently, your limb can be measured for appropriate compression garments.

You can choose between different types of compression garments. The compression garments need to have the correct size, fit, and compression class for an optimal therapeutic result. You should wear them throughout the day as long as possible. There are also garments specifically designed for night-time use. Your compression garments need to be both comfortable and effective.   

There are two main categories of compression garments:  Flat-knit or circular-knit. Both types are available as made-to-measure or ready-to-wear garments

Compression wraps are an alternative to compression bandages and compression stockings. They are designed for easy use and enable you to independently self-apply and adjust the compression level to your needs.

JOBST has developed several compression garment lines to treat your lymphoedema or lipoedema symptoms. You can choose between different colours suitable for your style. Specific features support you to move freely, keep your skin dry, and provide firm hold. Learn more about how JOBST® compression garments support your needs here

With a few tips and tricks, you can maintain your garment’s function over a long-time. Learn more about how to take care of your garments here

Skin care products such as lotions, gels, or cremes help to recover your skin from compression therapy. But not every skin care product is suitable for use with compression garments. Learn more about appropriate skin care with lymphoedema or lipoedema.

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