Skin Care

An important ingredient in lymphoedema therapy

Skin and wound care is vital to keep the skin in good condition and reduce the chance of infection. Any cuts in the skin can allow bacteria to enter the body and may quickly develop into an infection causing further damage to the lymphatic system.

Daily wearing of compression is an essential component of treatment. The use of body lotions or creams with a high moisture content should be used, your healthcare professional will be able to help you decide on the best product. It is important that you restore the moisture balance of the skin and its elasticity through

  • daily skin care
  • washing and drying the skin well
  • hydrating the skin

This helps to prevent infection. It is important to avoid any cracking in the skin as this is where bacteria and fungus can enter the body, causing infections.

You should pay attention to your nail care to prevent ingrown nails or dry skin around the nail bed that might scrape or cut your skin, and increase the risk of infection. If getting a manicure or pedicure always make sure clean instruments are used and try to avoid any unnecessary nicks or cutting of your cuticles.

Diligent skin care will be important throughout your life. For more information, regarding skin care and reducing your risk of infection, click here.