Learn more about Lipoedema

Lipoedema is an accumulation of adipose (fatty) tissue that occurs mostly in the legs and sometimes in the arms. This chronic condition results in a change of shape – a slender upper half and a thickening of the lower body and legs. Lipoedema appears to almost exclusively affect women. 

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What is lipoedema?

Learn more about lipoedema.

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Signs and Symtoms of Lipoedema

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of lipoedema.

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Compression therapy

Learn about compression therapy and lipoedema.

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Recognising lipoedema

Learn more about recognising lipoedema.

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Following a lipoedema diagnosis, a treatment plan and co-ordination of care is put in place.

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Psychological support

Learn more about lipoedema and psychological support.

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Lipoedema diagnosis

Learn more about lipoedema diagnosis.

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Maintaining a healthy weight

Learn more on LymphConnect about maintaining an healthy weight with lipoedema.

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Improving physical activity

Managing lipoedema and improving your physical activity.

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