Goodbye Black and Grey – Say Hello to This Winter's Fashion Trends

Did you enjoy our last article about summer styles? Well, as the year's whizzing past, it's time to start thinking about winter trends. As always, we focus on trends that can be combined with compression garments!

Goodbye Black and Grey – Say Hello to This Winter's Fashion Trends

Colour Blocking Is Back

This winter, we won't be dressing in grey or black. Instead, bold and bright colours will still be the order of the day. You can mix warm shades such as orange and pink, or stick to cooler tones, like green and blue. Two-colour combinations are most in vogue, and you can also wear your garments in either muted or bright colours for a triple-colour look.

Eye Catchers Against the Winter Gloom

Colourful accents can make us feel cheerier on cold winter days, so think about long coats in hot pink matched with metallic leather bags. But, if you think this is too daring, a classy trench coat paired with casual accessories is also a key look this winter.

Compression garments work perfectly with winter skirts. Whereas miniskirts dominated the runways last winter, this season is all about maxi skirts. Pair one up with a stylish coat, then add flat shoes for the perfect casual style.


Corset Belts Are Evergreens

We've seen a lot of belts this summer, and this is a trend that will continue into the winter. Corset belts are combined with shorts, roll-necks, or dresses for a bold look. If you're not comfortable putting that much emphasis on your waist, you can choose a more discrete option, or choose a wide-waist belt that will help contour your silhouette.

Need More Inspiration?

Social media has significantly changed the way we interact with fashion. Trends are not only made by designers on runways, they're found on the street, on Instagram and TikTok feeds, as well as on platforms like Pinterest. Social media isn't a universally positive thing, but it has brought much more diversity to the industry. So, if you're looking for more inspiration for fashion trends suitable for larger sizes, social media can be the place to go.

What's your favorite trend this season? Share your style on LymphConnect and inspire others as well!

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