New Year's resolution: Friend or foe?

It's a common phenomenon that we observe at the beginning of every new year: many of us join fitness clubs, we decide to eat healthier, move and exercise more. We often set ambitious goals but just as quickly neglect them. Why do our New Year's resolutions fail ever so often and what can we do instead?

New Year's resolution: Friend or foe?

People are often very motivated at the beginning of a new year: we feel energized, full of new ideas and aspirations. It just feels like the right time for a change. Sometimes, New Year's resolutions tend to be a bit ambitious or unrealistic. For example, it's unlikely to exercise 6 times a week when it’s been difficult to achieve a 3-times per week routine. The same applies to healthy eating: if you've ever tried to give up sweets completely, you know how hard that can be.

How to set realistic goals

This doesn't mean that new year's resolutions are useless, but it's important to keep them realistic. Regular movement and balanced nutrition are essential parts of lymphedema and lipedema treatment. A healthy lifestyle can significantly impact your overall well-being and the signs and symptoms of lymphoedema and lipoedema. Here is what you can do if you want to set goals for the new year:

  • Write your goals down: the act of writing can make it easier to commit to something
  • Be realistic: choose goals that are compatible with your everyday life
  • Be specific: "I want to exercise 4 times a week" is more precise than "I want to exercise more often"
  • Start with one goal: setting too many goals can be overwhelming and is a recipe for failure
  • Connect with others: meet with a friend every week to cook a healthy meal or exercise together, making it easier to stick with your goals

Be open to changes

As time goes on, our goals might also change. Sometimes, we don't achieve what we initially planned, or our progress didn’t go as expected. However, that should not discourage you. Every small step contributes to success.

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