Managing Lipoedema as a Young Adult

Lipoedema affects every woman differently. But when you are diagnosed with lipoedema at a very young age, things can be even more challenging. Here we explain how lipoedema is associated with genetics and hormonal changes, as well as how your family can support you in managing your disease.

Managing Lipoedema as a Young Adult

Lipoedema and Genetics

It’s still not quite clear why and how lipoedema develops. However, many lipoedema patients report a positive family history. This means that if your mother or other female relatives are also affected by lipoedema, your situation is a very common one. Genetics are likely to play a role in the development of lipoedema. However, research on the exact mechanism of why and how lipoedema develops is still ongoing.

Hormonal Changes and the Onset of Lipoedema

No matter when the first lipoedema symptoms occur, they usually coincide with weight gain and hormonal changes. These can be related to puberty or starting to take birth control pills, as was likely the case in your situation. But it can also affect pregnant or menopausal women.

Challenges with Lipoedema

Living with lipoedema can be difficult, but it’s a particular challenge for young adults. Social media promotes the beauty ideal of slim legs and a trained body. It can be difficult not to feel unsettled by this. If your mother is also affected by lipoedema, you may fear that your own children could develop lipoedema in the future. All this makes it so important to get support from your family, friends, a community, and an experienced team of healthcare professionals.

Manage Your Lipoedema Together

Every woman’s lipoedema journey is different, so everyone’s struggles are different too. Therefore, it’s slightly challenging to say that what works well for one person will also work for you. The good news is that you can benefit from the experiences of others to help you learn how to live your best life, with lipoedema.

Take advantage of your relative’s knowledge and experience when you get your first compression garment or consult your healthcare professional. You could also consider exercising or cooking together. Although lipoedema is considered to be a rare disease, there is a great and supportive community of lipoedema patients. Have a look at our Starting Program on LymphConnect for more information.

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