Diagnosis Lipoedema - How to Find an Expert

Specialised healthcare professionals are usually required to confirm the diagnosis of lipoedema. Coordinating appointments with different healthcare professionals, finding compression garments that are comfortable and fit well can become overwhelming. Managing your condition can be easier with the right professional support at your side. In this article, we want to offer some guidance on finding experts to support your treatment after your diagnosis has been made.

Diagnosis Lipoedema - How to Find an Expert

Find the Right Dealer for Compression Garments

It is not yet entirely understood how compression therapy improves the signs and symptoms of lipoedema. However, compression therapy is believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect on fatty tissue, improve blood circulation, and reduce oxidative stress. Therefore, consistently wearing your garments can improve pain which is linked to inflammation and reduced oxygen supply of your affected limbs.

Finding garments that are comfortable to wear is therefore essential. For made-to-measure garments, several measurements at various points on the affected limbs are needed. Depending on your anatomical shape, specific adaptations might be required to ensure that the garments fit perfectly. As soon as you have found your first compression garments, you can use the JOBST Garment Reminder Service to receive a note when it’s time to get a new compression garment.

Find the Right Professional Support

Treating lipoedema requires experts from different specialties who must work together. A dietician or nutritionist may be able to support you with your weight management. Regular exercise and movement therapy, supported by a physiotherapist can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight and to feel better about yourself. You might also seek psychological support to learn strategies for coping with a long-term condition. Lipoedema is still considered a rare disease, and many healthcare professionals have little knowledge of it. LymphConnect provides a Therapist finder function to help you find the professional support you need.

Find the Right Community

Sharing your thoughts and struggles with your family and friends, as well as joining a community of like-minded people, are essential steps in coping with your situation. So many people out there have already made this journey. They can share their experience, knowledge, and strategies for managing lipoedema. That’s why platforms like LymphConnect are great options for connecting with others, whether you’ve just received your diagnosis or if you’re already a lipoedema expert yourself.

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