What is a wrap?

Your healthcare professional may consider a wrap compression system as an alternative to MLLB or a compression garment in the long-term management phase. A wrap compression system usually consists of a stocking (or liner) that you apply first, like a knee high sock for example, and an outer ‘wrap’. The liner provides a smooth base and offers skin protection prior to applying the outer wrap.

The outer wrap consists of overlapping short-stretch bands that provide support and rigidity to control your swelling. The bands are usually applied from bottom to top and slightly overlap each other as they are applied. They stay in place due to the VELCRO® brand hook-and-loop fasteners. The advantage is that as your swelling reduces, you can adjust the bands yourself (or your carer can do this for you) without visiting your healthcare professional. This helps to ensure the wrap compression system remains effective in managing your swelling. There may be times when your leg or arm swells for various reasons or you have swelling that tends to fluctuate. A wrap compression system can be an excellent product in helping to reduce limb swelling, allowing you to fit back into your usual compression garment, without the need for bandaging

There are different types of liners and wrap compression systems available. Your healthcare professional will select the most appropriate liner and wrap system for your needs, if this is considered a suitable compression therapy to manage your lymphoedema.

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Wrap/Velcro Bandage Alternative