Why Bandage?

Bandaging is an important part of lymphoedema treatment that can be used during both phases of lymphoedema management but most often used in phase 1 of Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT). Short-stretch bandages, along with padding materials, are used to reduce swelling and help prevent fluid from reaccumulating. This is known as multi-layer lymphoedema bandaging (MLLB) which is the standard and recognised therapy for DLT. MLLB is applied by a trained healthcare professional. It offers support and resistance to your limb to encourage the fluid to drain into your lymphatic system.

The advantage of MLLB is that the bandages can be applied, removed and then reapplied every day or every few days. This allows the bandages to be adjusted to accommodate the changes in the limb shape that often occur as the swelling is reduced. It is important to move your affected limb as normally as possible and remain as active as possible. The movement, combined with MLLB, helps ensure the swelling reduces as much as possible.

Your healthcare professional will provide you with more information if this is considered a suitable and required therapy to manage your lymphoedema.

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